1-01.jpg We have a caterpillar infestation! These things create nests in our trees, then crawl out and devour the leaves on the trees, not to mention crawling all over the driveway, patio, furniture, house, etc. Then they go and make coccoons where they morph into moths that are sure to make our summer nights miserable. Then the moths lay eggs to repeat the process ten-fold next year.

We don’t want this to happen. We’ve been spraying B.t. all over the trees to try to kill them. I think we are making some progress, but it’s not going to be a fun couple weeks.

Aside from this, the weather’s been great in Seattle. It even hit 91º on Friday. We spent almost the entire weekend outdoors doing yardwork. I even climbed up on the roof and vacuumed out the gutters with my new blower/vac.