It sounds like we’ll be at war in Iraq this week. The 5 lessons of 911 is interesting.

Of course, I’m against the war (I’m anti-killing). But I think the UN blew it on this one. Since its inception, this is the first chance the UN has had to show the world that it is an authoritative body. Five months ago, they voted unanimously to force Iraq to disarm and to support military action if they didn’t disarm. They didn’t disarm. But the UN is still mired in debate over something they agreed to just 5 months ago. I believe that if the UN was a united front against Hussein for the last 5 months instead of being wishy-washy, this would have been resolved peacefully: either Hussein would take his billions and run away or he’d be overthrown.

The sad reality is that in the future, when the UN speaks, world leaders will ignore it. But they will likely not ignore the US. And that’s unlikely to create a peaceful world (and will “Americanize” the world with McDonald’s restaurants, Wal*Marts and lousy beer).