Some days are pretty rough and sometimes I question how much time I devote to work, but the emails we get from people really give me a boost. Here’s some from the last few days that made me particularly happy:

Thanks for the “welcome.” I don’t spend much time at all on the net as I am far too busy - but I LOVE TO COOK!! That is my hobby. I cook for myself and three big guys (my DH and two DSs) and they love my cooking. My good friend [name omitted] (who also LOVES TO COOK) told me about your website yesterday. When I left her house last night, I came home and logged on to your website.

I then did something that I have NEVER done and never thought I would ever do. I stayed on your website from about 10:30 p.m. until almost 4:00 A.M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was totally crazy!!! I couldn’t tear myself away from it!!!! I kept looking at the clock on my computer screen and telling myself - “[name omitted] - you have GOT to go to bed!!!!!! I loved it!!! It’s absolutely the GREATEST!!!!!! Thanks for coming up with such a fantastic idea and website!!!!! Went to the store tonight and bought $130 worth of groceries - I’m ready to try some of those GREAT recipes!!! Thanks again!!!

Hi, A friend just told me about your site this weekend. I am THRILLED that I can key in Low Potassium and get recipes. My husband is a diabetic who has heart and kidney problems and is on special diets. It is so difficult to find recipes that he can actually eat. THanks for your wonderful site.

I just found your website this evening. I have already sent e-mails to all of my friend who are just as crazy about cooking and baking as I am, telling them about the wonderful site I have discovered. I have been into many sites for recipes and information, but yours, I must say, impressed me the most. It is totally organized, informative, etc. and is extremely user friendly. I LOVE IT!!! THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE. LOOK FORWARD TO CHECKING IT OUT ON A DAILY BASIS.

Emails like this from people out of the blue are the reason I get out of bed in the morning and keeps me working til midnight every night.