When I used Windows I loved TextPad, because it does everything I need for writing code and html for Recipezaar. Since I’ve been on the Mac, I’ve been looking for a replacement. BBEdit Pro does what I need – though not as elegantly as the simple TextPad – but $150 seems like a lot to pay for an editor (the free Lite version does not do syntax highlighting). [Update: BB just canceled the free Lite version and now sells the cheaper Text Wrangler, but that doesn do syntax highlighting either.] I thought Web Design was the answer but despite Preferences which suggest you can set extensions for appropriate syntax highlighting, I can’t get the darn thing to open any file with an extension other than html/xml/php. [Update: I emailed the maker and got a response in 8 hours and an offer for a private build to fix my problem – I love developers like that – I might just have my answer.] Troy uses vi, but I know this much about vi, which is just good enough to get my cvs comments in and it drives me nuts.