When I used Windows I loved TextPad, because it does everything I need for writing code and html for . Since I’ve been on the Mac, I’ve been looking for a replacement. BBEdit Pro does what I need – though not as elegantly as the simple TextPad – but $150 seems like a lot to pay for an editor (the free Lite version does not do syntax highlighting). I thought Web Design was the answer but despite Preferences which suggest you can set extensions for appropriate syntax highlighting, I can’t get the darn thing to open any file with an extension other than html/xml/php. Troy uses vi, but I know this much about vi, which is just good enough to get my cvs comments in and it drives me nuts. UPDATE… Email to the creator of WebDesign and I’m provided a workaround within 3 hours and the offer of a private build that will be even easier within a day. I’m evaluating it for now, but I think it might be my solution. Meanwhile BBEdit introduces a low end version for a cheaper price point (TextWrangler) but it too misses syntax highlighting.