BusinessWeek: The  UprisingBusinessWeek devoted an entire section to linux. Now that BusinessWeek is taking seriously and understanding open source, maybe all the “open source can’t possibly make money” talk will finally disappear. And the cover art is just about the coolest cover I’ve seen in a long time on any magazine (I hate that stupid MSN butterfly).

What I don’t think Microsoft truly groks yet is that it’s all about commodities… an operating system, a web server, a database are all commodoties, in general. Yes, there are special cases where you need a specialized OS, web server or database, but 99% of the cases a commoditized version is satisfactory or even preferable. Microsoft is determined to prevent Windows from becoming a commodity, but that’s a futile battle. Microsoft’s revenue from Windows will continue to fall and they will have to become an applications company. Unfortunately for them, they only have one successful application: Office. And that just may become a commodity too.

Sun can already tell you how hard it is to compete with a pricey Solaris against a commodity . And Oracle also will feel the heat from MySQL.