reports that people rank the internet as the most important source for information. No surprise there. But interestingly for us, is that they ranked magazines as least important. I’d hate to be in the recipe magazine business!: 61.1 percent ranked the the most important; 60.3 percent ranked books second important; 57.8 percent ranked newspapers third; 50.2 percent ranked television fourth; 40 percent ranked radio fifth; and 28.7 percent ranked magazines last

It’s also interesting that timeliness of information is not important to people, given the rankings. And reliability is not important, either, as the is probably most prone to bogus info. It seems that importance is simply a mix of timeliness and accuracy.

Importance: 1. Internet 2. Books 3. Newspapers 4. Television 5. Radio 6. Magazines

Timeliness: 1. Internet 2. Radio 3. Television 4. Newspapers 5. Magazines 6. Books

Reliability: 1. Books 2. Magazines 3. Newspapers 4. Television 5. Radio 6. Internet

Are there other ways to rank these that I’m overlooking?