Shirky talks about how the internet has flipped the music business from A&R depts filtering and then publishing the “best” music, to anyone publishing, and then using collaborative filtering tools to find the best music. (I think he ignores how well Amazon works as a collaborative filtering tool for music, and I am surprised he didn’t go back to see what happened with Firefly, when he calls for more collaborative filtering in music and only cites Blogdex & Slashdot like sites.) However it strikes me again when looking at the music industry, in comparison with the cookbook publishing industry that only a marketing department could have “made” the likes of “Bobby Flay” and “Emeril” and that given the choice more people would like Mirjam and Bergy…but like Juno or Reindeer Section they just won’t get the marketing. Recipezaar, like aims to change that.