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What Should I Do With My Life?

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about myself and my place in the world and what I am to do. Coincidentally, Po Bronson wrote a book, What Should I Do With My Life?, and Fast Company has an article about it. In the book, he interviewed 900 people and lived with 70 of them discussing how they found their “calling” and, hence, true happiness.
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Z Getting the Respectz it Dezervez

I just love it when the WSJ does culture. They have proclaimed “Z” the new “S”. Again Zaar proves to be ahead of the timez.

Green Line Guy Seems OK

On a typical weekday, Horn [executive director of the Monorail] works over the cellphone or his BlackBerry handheld computer while he rides the No. 5 bus downtown. A staff meeting begins at 7:30 a.m., and latecomers are fined $1 per minute. The lesson he takes from Sound Transit is that quickness means everything.

Bet the head of Sound Transit doesn’t take the bus with his $170,000 salary…

Eric & Steve's Birthday

Cindy was in town, so we had the boys, Biff & Renuka, and Jen & Nicki out for dinner on the island. A very nice time all around, and the sectional really made the night cozy. We gave the boys an outdoor heater like ours.

NNW Beta 3

NetNewsWire Pro Beta 3 was released this morning. Boy, he’s quick.

The web will improve in 2003

From the annals of the completely obvious, e-agency reports that the web will be better next year: the coming year will be good for the economy — — both users and providers, buyers and sellers — and warned that the collective wrath of consumers will force the demise of intrusive advertising formats like pop-ups and pop-unders.


Good, there’s a group of people who are watching the grocery stores and those evil “frequent shopper cards”. This is why we need … we know your food preferences, but the store shouldn’t know how to sell specific products to you. Telling us that you are on a low-sodium diet is a far cry from telling someone who profits from it that you are on a low-sodium diet. And if you’re a chocoholic, nobody knows.

Popular Music of 2002

The #1 and #2 genres of music in the US in 2002 are rap and country. This proves that Americans are mostly stupid rednecks. And boy, what a lousy list of #1 albums throughout the year: Creed, Alan Jackson, J-Lo remixes!, Alanis Morissette, a K-Tel-style CD of pop remixes (the one we see advertised on TV), Celine Dion, Ashanti, Kenny Chesney, Big Tymers, Musiq, another mix CD from P.Diddy et al, Eminem, Nelly, Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Springsteen, Toby Keith, Dixie Chicks, Elvis Presley best-of (!), Faith Hill, Santana, Jay-Z and Shania Twain. No kidding, that’s the list. People are buying remix CDs and Best Of CDs too!

NetNewsWire Beta2

NetNewsWire Pro was just updated that fixes the weblog bug from Beta1!

Home page guidelines

It might be interesting to review Jakob Nielsen’s home page guidelines and see if we’re doing things right. In general, I’d say we are, but it does need some help, especially when we do the new category design. I’d also like the weblog to figure more prominently.


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