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Ed & Tammy

Ed (of Ed & Tammy, our pig-farm neighbors) dropped by this morning. He was worried that the Asplundh markers on the trees to be trimmed/removed were survey markers and wanted to know if we were upset that he parks his rusty Ford Granada on our property and he said he’d get rid of the dead cars in his “driveway”. He also tells us (Gay) that they are going to sell the house and move because of problems with the Knox’s over the years. But then again, he told us a year ago that he was going to clean up his yard.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Hoo boy, the Microsoft antitrust decision due tomorrow. I hope the judge gives me a good birthday present!


We’ve decided to postpone the new site design until next week so that we don’t kill ourselves to get it out by this weekend, especially since I (we) won’t be working tomorrow at all in celebration of my birthday. The new design is so significant that it’s best to sit on it internally for a little while. Plus, there are some serious bugs (with reviews and review notifications) on the existing site that need to be fixed.

Birthday books

Mom & Dad sent me two books for my birthday: Startup by Jerry Kaplan and by One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch. Both from my Amazon Wish List. I’ve already read 3 chapters in Startup and I really like it.

Case Calling for "Do-over"? – Facing Criticism, Case Weighs Spinoff of AOL

FDA mailing lists

I found the FDA’s mailing lists and subscribed to several. This is a good way to keep up-to-date on FDA info to pass along to our weblog readers: FDA E-Mail lists.

People ain't buying

Consumer confidence plunges. No surprise to me.

Linux will win

Of course, all analysts are morons, but I agree with this one, but only if by “.Net” they mean “web services” in the form of open standards, not something from a single vendor. Linux, .Net will dominate server market by 2009
Linux expected to become the major server operating system by 2009.

Blood Pressure watch

Took my blood pressure for the 2nd day in a row: 129/69. I like this trend. :-)

EU on MS

If the US doesn’t correct MS’ behavior, then it looks like the EU will. EU Sees Preliminary Decision Late ’02.


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