Monthly Archives: July 2002

DoJ + SEC investigating AOL

Not only is the SEC investigating AOL, but the DoJ is investigating AOL too now for inflating revenues in 2000 and 2001.

More proof that Bin Laden is dead

Bin Laden’s security guards captured and Bin Laden’s not around, which implies that he’s already dead. Loser.

OpenSSL vulnerability

Just 1 day after finishing installing sshd on all our machines (which uses OpenSSL 0.9.6b) a vulnerability is announced in OpenSSL. Aargh. What sucks is that it takes years to build OpenSSL on our slower machines like paris.

All news articles in MT

I moved all our old news (that was in a database already) into Movable Type’s database. So now we have diary data dating back to December 2000!

MSN and AOL are losers

On the face of it, the statistics seem dire for America Online. It has only 500,000 customers buying the high-speed version of its service. MSN and Earthlink have about 600,000 broadband subscribers, analysts say, more than AOL in absolute numbers and far more as a percentage of their total customers… Earthlink’s average revenue per user is $20.75, $2.57 more than AOL’s, even though Earthlink’s posted price is $21.95, $2 less than AOL’s. (MSN, which had revenue of about $1.5 billion for the fiscal year ended in June, has an average revenue per subscriber of only about $11, not enough to make the service profitable.)

Allchin is the enemy

From InfoWorld:“Never mind that the real enemy is within: crown-jewels holder, Jim Allchin.”

iVillage drops pop-ups

iVillage announced it will drop pop-up ads on their site because 92% of users find them annoying (only 92%?).

Incidentally, iVillage lost $48 million in 2001 on revenues of $60 million. It costs $108 million/yr to run iVillage?!

Rumsas may not get 3rd in the Tour

Rumsas was suspended after French authorities found “doping products” in his wife’s car. Lampre-Daikin immediately suspended him. Tour officials may take his 3rd placed finish away.

Movable Type

Switched from Radio to Movable Type for our weblog. MT is much better: runs on the server, stores data in MySQL, supports multiple users and multiple weblogs, is open-source (written in perl), is free (but $150 for commercial use) and is more flexible template-wise. Plus, it was written by a husband-and-wife team. :)

You can see our MovableType installation here.

Putty & Kelly's bbq

Went to Putty & Kelly’s bbq last night. Drank too much Budweiser. :-(


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