Monthly Archives: October 2001

Brand Newalog

Finally upgraded to version 5.03 of Analog (from 4.13). Check out the pretty graphs. Also see What’s New in this version of Analog and let me know if you would like to see anything changed/added.

#15 on Chef2Chef

Back to #15 on Chef2Chef. We bounce around between 14 & 16. Let’s hope we get a more solid Top 15 ranking soon, preferably closer to Top 10.

Power Outage

The power went out at Recipezaar HQ last night at about 10:30pm for about 2 hours. Thanks UPSs!


Mariners lose bad, 12-3 or something, in Game #5. Yankees go to the World Series. BTW, the score of the last game was 3-1, not 2-1.


Mariners lose again, 2-1.


After losing the first 2 games (in Seattle!), the Mariners won Game #3 in NYC. score: 14-3.

#1 in Burst

We”re back to #1 in Burst”s Gallery under Food & Drink. And we”re #1 in all subcategories. In fact, with the exception of Health & Fitness (where we”re #3), we”re #1 in EVERY CATEGORY we”re listed under!

10,000 recipes

Finally hit the 10,000 recipe mark! We now have 10,006 recipes! 30,000 would make us the largest recipe database on the web (realistically, 20,000 would arguably do it).


Mariners won Game #5, 3-1. They go to next round of playoffs against the Yankees.


Mariners won Game #4, 6-2.


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