Monthly Archives: January 2001

Bug #1000

troy is assigned bug 1000 to mock up timeline and icons

Google gagged

Google is hitting us AGAIN!! :(


Troy got a haircut.

AltaVista throttled

AltaVista is hitting us again (good thing we have the searchbot-blocker code in place!). Unfortunately, another bot (UdmSearch) is hitting us from that we aren’t blocking. But I quickly added UdmSearch to the list so now we should be protected from this bot too.

Recipezaar 2.0 launched

Recipezaar Version 2.0 design checked in! Tomorrow it’ll go live. Everyone feel free to make incremental changes to it.

Recipezaar eTour Hot Pick picked Recipezaar as a “Hot Pick”.

We love open source: bugzilla

Patched bugzilla to show a drop-down list for reassigning a bug (it was an edit box).

Learning to fool the bots

Google & AltaVista have finally stopped hitting us (we had to change the browse page to fake these 2 bots into thinking there’s no more pages to get them to stop)


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