Monthly Archives: December 2000

Company Ski Day

Company Ski Day at Crystal! :)

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve. Go eat, drink and shake your presents.

Good hard day

Closing in on #1… today was our 3rd highest traffic day ever. Still getting hammered by search engines google & altavista.


the site is getting pounded by googlebot AND altavista simultaneously!

200 days as Zaar and we are operating profitable

Day #200 for .com! We’ve been .com for 200 days and this month will be the 1st month where ad revenue actually pays for the cost of running the site.

4th biggest day ever

Today was our 4th highest day ever traffic-wise!

New York stats

Took newyork down to remove video card. It was up for 125 days at that point.

Bugzilla launched

We’ve switched to Bugzilla from Bugzaar! Bugs entered into bugzaar will be ignored.


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