• Monday morning meeting

    Havana’s 2nd grade class ran the (K-5, a.k.a. Lower School’s) Monday Morning Meeting this week, which is a big deal. They did a presentation on composting (only in Seattle!) and Havana gave the finalé, thanking everyone for coming, ushering the 5th graders out and reminding everyone to compost. Title Title

    While leaving, we found Hudson’s story drawing:


    …and Havana front-and-center in the school fundraiser campaign poster:


  • Fathead

    The greatest neighbors ever, Patrick & Deirdre, gave Hudson a Richard Sherman Fathead for his birthday.

  • Barley is 1

    Today is Barley’s first birthday. He’s grown quite a bit since we got him 10 months ago.

    We gave him steak for dinner and a tiny cupcake for dessert.

  • Goooaaaallllll!!!!!!

    Hudson scoring a goal – excellent ball control:

  • Grrls

    Of all the shoes to choose from, Havana picked purple Dr Martens boots. How is she so cool at 7?! Here she is modeling them with Eva, who is proud of her new boots too:


    Yes, Eva does like to wear her skirts pulled up high in front, we only ask her to cover her butt in the back.