Hudson’s first T-ball game


CBC 2014

Our first time at the Craft Brewer’s Conference and our first time in Denver – the first time leaving the airport, that is.

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Great Divide

It was way too crowded. But I love being there with my wife. And they make great beer.


Hudson’s T-Ball uniform



More great lyrics from The National:

Everybody needs a prayer, and needs a friend
Everybody knows the world’s about to end

Everybody wants to know what the end will be
Everybody wants to look before they leap

Everybody wants a sip of wine to drink
Everybody wants a little more time to think

Everybody needs a reason why they run
Everybody wants to know what they’re running from

Change that “wine” to “beer” and it’s even better.

Happy Birthday, Gay!

Gay and I had steak dinner at Miller’s Guild and then walked to a crowded Radiator Whiskey for an after-dinner drink — my first Solera-aged bourbon.


Birthday brunch

At Tallulah’s for brunch.


7 vs 5 vs 3

The difference between (almost) 7, 5.5 and 3 year-old kids looking at a clock:

Havana: “So each number means 5 minutes?”
Hudson: “What does the little hand mean?”
Eva: “What is the circle?”

Havana’s 6th tooth

Havana’s 6th tooth came out today. The tooth fairy, Trixie, should be here tonight.


Star Family

We all visited Havana’s class for “Star Family” today. Havana read a book, Rosie Revere, Engineer, to her class.



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