• Kelly and Stuart's wedding

    We went to Vashon Island for the first time since moving away from it to attend Kelly & Stuart’s wedding. Havana also met her best friend from preschool, Tya, but didn’t remember her.

    We got to spend some good time with Kelly’s parents and some of our first friends on the island, Heather and Larry, and met Heather’s mom, who coincidentally knows and works with the nuns who live across the street from us now. Small world.

    Sitting in line at the ferry dock for an hour reminded us of why we left. But it was fun to be on the island again and I liked the serenity of being surrounded by big trees.

    On the way back to the ferry we stopped by our old house. The owners aren’t keeping it up, the garden was unkempt and dying. One of the huge trees, one that is probably 200 years old, in the yard had recently fallen.

  • Eva's 4.5

    Eva is 4.5 today. Gay and I are both 45, or 10x older than Eva — we have each lived a decade for every year she has lived. There was no time when that has been true of any of our kids and, if my math is correct and none of us ever use time dilation by traveling in space, never will be true again.


  • Last day of school

    Today was the last day of school. Charlotte, Boyan and Caroline and their parents came over for pizza dinner and a movie.