• Eva's first bicycle

    Eva got her first bicycle today at Montlake Bicycle Shop and this weekend I installed our bike wall in the mud room. I put 2 sheets of Lexan on the wall to protect it from wet/dirty tires and mounted 5 hooks to hold the bikes and keep them out of the way.

    The kids are amazed that the bikes “stick” to the wall.

  • Hudson at MMM

    The 1st graders ran Monday Morning Meeting this week where they discussed Dr Seuss. Hudson reading his piece:

  • Hudson is 6.5

    Today is Hudson’s half-birthday, a good excuse for dessert! His school class celebrates half-birthdays for the kids whose birthday occurs during the summer so he had his birthday celebration at school this week too.

    He helped to make the peanut butter frosting for his half-cake:

    Hudson helping to make the peanut butter frosting for his half-cake

    Blowing out 6.5 candles:

    Hudson blowing out 6.5 candles

    It feels like he just turned 6 and now he’s halfway to 7 already.

  • Boys Weekend

    Gay decided to take the kids to Spokane to surprise her mom for her 75th birthday this weekend. That meant me and Barley had some quality time together. Being a thoughtful wife, Gay discovered Munchery and had dinner delivered to me Friday and Saturday night. Here’s Friday night’s dinner, eggplant Parmesan, roasted tomato soup, a coconut cream pie for dessert, plus a snickerdoodle cookie:

    All I had to do was heat everything up and eat. It was amazing.

    Since I’d be without the kids on the weekend, I time-shifted my Friday to Saturday and brewed a batch of beer on Saturday. I finished just as Munchery was delivering my Saturday dinner. I ate dinner and spent the rest of the evening watching movies with Barley. Here’s Barley enjoying our time together:

  • Valentines Day

    Valentine’s Day, or the day before when it’s on a Saturday, is a big day in elementary school!